Prairie Textiles introduces Arts and Crafts stencil designs for your home. They are available by custom order in the colors & fabrics of your choice on curtains or Roman shades or roller shades or cushions and bedding. Stenciling on your custom textiles is A) $40.00 or B)$45.00 per width, depending on stencil size & complexity. Choose a combination from our color chart for per fabric width or shade width for each border. If you'd like help with a custom estimate, contact us.

We are also adding select stencil templates for those who want to print their own textiles or stencil a wall treatment to go with their textiles. We also offer a textile paint kit and brushes. See pricing below, at the bottom of the page. Browse the designs and note which ones we now carry templates for.

Grape Border, (B) in illustrated here in gold and whiskey with loden stippled in, also lovely in purple, blue and green. One repeat is 9 1/4" wide x 4 1/4" high.
Macintosh Rose (A), shown here as a medallion in dark red, sage & gold. Use it as shown or with a rose in each corner. Rose is 2" square. Now available as a template.
Iris Border (A) in red and loden on linen/cotton (light blocking) shade fabric. One repeat is 5 3/4" wide x 3" high. Available as template. Willow Border, small, (A) shown here in sage and antique gold stippled together on ecru shade fabric. One repeat is 8 1/4". Available as a stencil template to purchase. Available as template.
Large Aster Stencil(B). The large version of this new design is shown here in mixed colors on chair cushions.
Use stencil templates to make pillows as well as curtains. Dragonfly Border (A) shown below in festive colors for a vintage beach cottage.
Large Aster at left (B)
Small Aster at right (B)
A large stencil for a cushion, bedspread, portiere or larger curtain panel. Tiny squares are optional. The square aster flowers on the left are 4 inches square. The buds on the right are 1 1/2".
Use stencils, as the Water Lily Border (B) shown here in purple, forest & gold, to give a finished look to roller shades
Squares (A)
It's amazing what you can do with a simple square and its classic geometry is seen often in Arts & Crafts graphics. Our basic square in 1 1/4" and we use it is a lot of different ways! The little curtain panel at right show the Three Square used as a corner border. It's stenciled in loden and teal stippled together on oyster handky linen. To the left of the little curtain is a custom design using the basic square shapes (teal & brown on oyster linen). The picture on the mid-left is Ann's bedroom (we will get a better picture soon!) showing another square configuration - a border in gray, rust and black on oatmeal linen. The Four Square is at the far left.
The Ginkgo Border, Large, (below) makes a small curtain in to an important decorative element. Shown here in forest & antique gold on natural linen.
Poppy Border (A) shown in dark red and forest with black centers on natural linen. One repeat is 7" wide x 5" high. A template is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles.

Water Lily Medallion (A),(also available as an applique). It's shown below in tangerine, gold and sage on enzyme linen. 15"wide

The Sunflower (A) stencil can be a medallion or a sunny border. Shown here in gold and rust on oyster handky linen. 5 1/2 inches.
Acorn Border & Acorn Medallion (A) stencils: a cheery, informal version of the popular motif, show here in loden, terra cotta & antique gold on stone shade fabric and on natural linen. 7" wide single repeat for border. 10" high medallion.
Purcell Border (A) shown here in dark red and dark green on linen/cotton shade fabric. One repeat is 3" wide x 3 3/4" high.
Iris Two Border (A)
repeat of 1 1/2 inches high x 3 inches wide, shown here in purple and sage on natural linen
Simple Rose Border (A), shown here in rust, gold and loden on ecru shade fabric. Rose itself is 2 1/2" square. Daikon Border (A), show here in rust, bright loden and black on ecru shade fabric. Great for a kitchen or conservatory, or maybe a greenhouse! One repeat is 4 1/2" high by 2" wide
Water Lily Border (B), with a repeat of 4 1/2 inches high x 9 1/2 inches wide. Shown in stock in rose, antique gold and loden on oyster linen (see below). Looks like a chrysanthemum when done in dark red! A template is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles.
Pine Cone Two (A), our second version of this popular motif, shown here in rust and loden on antique gold shade fabric.
Shepherd's Purse Border (A), below. A gentle, Art Nouveau border, 3" high x 6" wide per repeat, here in lavender & sage on linen cotton shade fabric (light blocking).
Small Rose Stencil (A), a horizontal medallion or border adapted from our small runner design, shown here in wine, antique gold and loden on natural handky linen, 2 1/2" high x 9" wide
Ivy Border (B), repeat of 7 inches high x 9 1/2 inches wide, shown here of loden, rust and black on natural linen. We do this stencil as here, leaves down and also leaves up! Let us know what you prefer. Thistle Medallion (A), 7 3/4 inches high x 5 1/4" wide in colors of terra cotta & bright green on linen/cotton shade fabric light blocking). Available as template.
Iris & Square Medallion (A), a medallion to go with our Iris Two Border, at 6 1/2" high x 6" wide, here in terra cotta & loden on oyster peasant linen.
Scarab Border (B), the sacred Egyptian insect, so popular in the period and shown here in terra cotta, aqua & black. One repeat is 4" high x 5" wide.



Ginkgo Corner (A), at right. Shown with two on a pillow in forest & antique gold on oatmeal linen, sideways to how we normally position it...but quite nice! About 6" wide x 12" high. Available as a template.



NEW! Coffee Flower Stencil (B) shown in cream, forest and dark red, 1 each on 2 curtains. We PROMISE to get a better picture up soon! About 15" high

Oak Leaf Border (A)
shown here (on a valance) in mahogany, forest and gold, 6 1/4" high
Pine Cone Border (A)
repeat of 5" high x 9 inches wide, shown in rust and forest with antique gold stippled in on linen/cotton shade fabric.

Ginkgo Medallion (B)
NEW! Shown at left in stippled loden with a dark red bud on oatmeal linen. Approximately 10 1/4" high. Now available as a template
Rose Medallion
7 3/4" high x 6 inches wide shown at left in rose and whiskey on oyster linen. A template is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles.

Dahlia (B), right, a large design, definitely not to scale, shown here on camel custom linen in sage and mahogany Great on a large shade or curtain or even a bedspread. 18"W x 29" high
Ginkgo Border (A)
in two sizes with a repeat of 14 1/2 inches high x 15 3/4 inches wide and with a repeat or 6 1/4 inches high x 7 1/4 inches wide. The smaller version is available in stock colors of forest & antique gold on natural linen (see below). A template is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles in small only.
Willow Border, large (B)
Available in a large repeat of 6 1/2 inches high x 17 1/2 inches wide (and a small border of 3 1/2" x 8 1/4"). Shown here in sage on dove shade fabric. A template for the large Willow Border (below) is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles.
Checkerberry Stencil (A)
Use this design one by one or as a border. Shown in tangerine, sage and bright gold. Each square is 1 1/4 inches. Available as a template for purchase.
Dragonfly Stencil (A)
Shown below in gray, black and gold on white cotton shade fabric. A template is also available for this design for stenciling your own textiles. The border is 4 1/2 inches high.
Large Iris Stencil, at left (A)
Since this stencil is 8" high, we usus ally use it as a double medallion, but it could also be a border on a large shade or curtain. It's in loden and dark red here, but as an iris could be any color!
Tree Stencil, at right (A)
The same is true for this Tree, shown in blue with pear stippled in to the leaves on enzyme linen. We hand embroider an outline around these designs for our pillows, but so many people asked for them as stencils, we're showing them now!
Stencils & Tools Description Price
Starter Textile Paint Set red, black, brown, white, yellow, violet, green, blue,
water-based, non-toxic, permanent, light-fast
Starter Stencil Brush Set Four sizes of flat stencil brushes $30.00
Water Lily Border $40.00
Rose Medallion $40.00
Ginkgo Border $40.00
Willow Border, large $40.00
Iris Border $40.00
Dragonfly Border $40.00
Thistle Medallion $40.00
Poppy Border $40.00
Simple Rose Border $40.00




Willow Border, large



Ginkgo Medallion



Ginkgo Corner



Macintosh Rose NEW! $40.00

Willow border, small




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Stencil Templates

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