Vertical designs are particularly nice in rooms with strong horizontal elements, like the woodwork in Arts & Crafts houses!

We offer Sue Ellen's Lily in two versions. an Aster, a Tulip, and an Iris. Please also see the Long Stemmed Rose and the Shah Rose on the Rose Page.


This design is easily adapted to any type of window.

Here, it is used on small casement windows flanking a fireplace and for a bank of windows in a sun room. Each of these curtains is a single panel of one and one-half fullness. The sun room curtains are hung inside the window frames with inside-mount barrel brackets. For the casement windows, we used outside-mount barrel brackets on frame. Using a motif this way unifies a room with several window styles.

#202A, Sue Ellen's Lily vertical motif 202B, Sue Ellen's Lily corner motif, both $50.00 per motif

Basic lily is 3 3/4 inches wide x 5 inches high, leaf tips are1 1/4 inches high x 7/8 inches wide, stems are proportionate.

ASTER, at left

Asters comes in hundreds of colors from pale pink to rust. Try a rust flower with antique gold leaves & stems

Aster, #204, 4 inches diameter, length proportional to curtain panel, $30.00

TULIP, at right

Shown here, a bright gold & forest Tulip and two facing Tulips in red and forest with added extended stitching (see price list) along leading & bottom edge

#212, Tulip, 18 inches long, $32.00


This corner motif was inspired by a stained glass window. The original window was in blues and greens with golden brown stitching and applique at the base of the flower, but the design is also lovely in purples or in soft rust and persimmon.

#203, Madison Iris, #203, 6 1/2" wide and height, approximately 1/3 curtain length or 26 " maximum, $40.00

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