Traditional Roman shades, relaxed Roman shades. All can be made with Arts & Crafts applique or stencilling.

Pleated "Roman" shades have been used for centuries although they seem very modern. Fabric shades provide privacy but clear off your window to provide light when opened. Consider an applique or stencil along the top fold (or face pleat). The shade will appear as an attractive valance when opened. Shade can be inside or outside mount. They are easy to install and can sturdy and opage or made from a sheer linen or scrim.

Order our fabric sample pack to see all your options. Check our price list for full cost information or contact us with any questions or for an estimate.

Measuring for shades in similar to measuring for windows. If your shades will be hanging within the window frame (inside mount), simply measure the inside top to sill (length) & side to side (width). For an inside mounted shade you will need about 1" of flat space to screw the mounting board to at the top of the window frame
If your shades will be outside mounted (on the window frame or door or on the wall above the window frame), you will need to decide where you want the shade to start & end to determine the width. It is traditional for all shades to stop at the window sill. The mounting board for outside mount shades attached with bracket. You will need about 1 1/2" of flat space for the bracket and the edge of the mounting board

Select an applique design or a stencil. Roman shades pleat up from the bottom with the first part of the shade disappearing first. If you have a stencil or applique on the bottom edge of the shade, it will not show when the shade is up. A good place for a motif to be displayed is the top face pleat. There, it will look like a soft fabric valance when the shade is drawn up.
Generally, Roman shades come with drawing cords for the rigging on the right side of the shade. However, you may specify "left draw", for example, for the left of a bank of windows.
Roman shades may be lined, just like curtains.
Roman shades come with all the hardware you will need, including cleats to hold the cording against the wall.

Above, an outside mount Roman shade with Three Square applique. A shade will let more light in & there is no loose fabric to get caught in the door. Three Square applique below on small window.
Two sets of unlined, inside mount Roman shades. The set at left is traditional and shows a nice composition of Simple Rose appliques.

The shades at right are relaxed Roman shades with a Stencilled Grape border. These shades are made to collapse slightly in the center and look like a soft swagged valance when they are raised. When dropped, they look like regular shades.

These shades function just like traditional Roman shades, but the cord lifts are offset to create a little swag when the shade is drawn up. When the shade is down it looks just like a traditional Roman shades, but when it is up, it makes a charming drape. the shades at left are in unlined natural handky linen. Fish Tail shades can be inside mount or outside mount.
RomanShadeMadI RomanShadeMacRose
A bank of windows with Macintosh Rose applique & forest applied border above and a study with a shade showing the Madison Iris applique used sideways.
Decide if you would like inside or outside mount shades. You will need about 1 1/2" or horizontal surface for installing an inside mount shade. You will need 2" of vertical surface for installing an outside mount Roman shade.

Measure your windows to within an 1/8" and decide what style of shades you want. You can probably figure a rough price yourself (please see our price list), but we would be happy to do an estimate for you. Decide if you would like an applique (start with viewing our applique thumbnails) or a stencil (see our stencil thumbnails).

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