Arts & Crafts Stencils from Ann Wallace: We have a lot of new designs. We'll be updating this page, but be sure to look at the full stencil page.
Iris Border #1 Iris Border #2
Three Square Four Square
Grape Border
Acorn Border
Oak Leaf Border Pine Cone Border Maple Border Poppy Border
Purcell Border Simple Rose
Water Lily Border
Acorn Medallion
Ro Medallion Thistle Medallion Ginkgo Border (2 sizes)
Willow Border
Large Aster
Small Aster
Willow Border, small
Daikon Border
Dragonfly Border
Small Rose
Sunflower Sailboats
Water Lily Medallion
Macintosh Rose Shepherd's Purse Iris & Square Medallion
Pine Cone Two
Ginkgo Medallion
Stenciling is $40.00 per width for curtains or shades. If you have any questions about the stencils, please contact us
Large Iris at far left & Tree at left
GinkgoCornerStencl CoffeeFlowerStencil
Ginkgo Corner Coffee Flower