We strongly suggest requesting swatches as our subtle neutral colors do not reproduce accurately on line. Request selected samples by email or mail, or order the full sample pack for $5.00.
Ann Wallace
Textiles For The Home
Fabrics For Fall 2014

Irish Linen
medium weight, excellent for all designs, lined or unlined. Natural, 54 inches wide, $23.00 per yard

Irish Handkerchief Linen
sheer weight, should not be lined. Oyster, natural 60 inches wide, $24.00 per yard

Peasant Linen (custom colored linen is this weight)
medium weight, excellent for all designs, lined or unlined, slightly coarser texture than Irish Linen. Oyster, ecru, oatmeal, stone. 55 inches wide, $22.00 per yard

Stone Washed Linen
(also called enzyme washed linen) medium weight natural linen faded to a beautiful slightly uneven off-white 54 inches wide, $26.00 per yard

Linen Scrim
Very loosely-woven (like sturdy net). Lovely for stenciling and pin stitch. Natural is extra wide at 72", oyster is 55" wide. Natural, oyster. $26.00 per yard.

Linen Scrim, light weight
more finely woven than above. Lovely for stenciling and pin stitch. 55" wide. Oyster. $22.00 per yard.

...and Lining
Lining protects your curtains from damage by sunlight and provides greater shade and privacy. On the other hand, it makes your curtains heavier and thicker. We use a 100% cotton lining fabric with a chemically treated surface that repels stains and moisture (when you forget to close your windows during a rain storm). This is available in slightly off-white. 54"W, $8.oo per yd

You may ask for three swatches & the custom order color cards at no charge - just contact us (see contact info & check list below) & let us know what you want. You may print this page & mail your request if you wish.

We will send you a full sample packet of fabrics (lining not included) for $5.00.

Please send me color samples of: Handky Linen ___ Peasant Linen ___ Linen Scrim ___

Light Linen Scrim __Naturals ___

Send to: Name ______________________________________________________________ Street ____________________________________________________________ City ____________________________ State _____ Zip Code ____________

Ann Wallace
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